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TFL 3/4″ G2S PBC in 4’x8′ and 5’x9′ Sheets

Door Profiles Available:

  1. Slab
  2. Mitre Shaker (ML4459)
  3. Cope and Stick Shaker (CL4459)
  4. Mouldings


PVC Edgebanding:
0.5 mm
1 mm
(1 3/4″) 1 mm

The Brushed Elm finish is a luxurious deep brushed wood texture. The matte-oiled surface replicates hours of hand polishing, emphasizing the natural cathedrals, straight grain structures and crosscut characteristics of this wood pattern. The 3-dimensional nature of this finish creates beautiful relief and light reflections in all vertical and horizontal applications. This finish is perfect for commercial and residential settings alike.

NEXGEN Shaker Doors

  • Mitre (ML4459) and Cope and Stick (CL4459) Profiles Available
  • Economical and durable alternative to wood with an impressive selection of colors and finish options
  • Colors and finished of NEXGEN laminates make it nearly impossible to differentiate from real wood.
  • Perfectly resembles a wood door with perpendicular grain direction stile and rail construction
  • High heat and scratch resistant.
  • The surface of NEXGEN laminates may be cleaned with a damp cloth, ordinary soap, and water, or, if considered necessary, with a general-purpose household cleaner.
  • Color remains consistent year after year.