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TFL 3/4″ G2S PBC in 4’x8′ and 5’x9′ Sheets

Door Profiles Available:

  1. Slab
  2. Mitre Shaker (ML4459)
  3. Cope and Stick Shaker (CL4459)
  4. Mouldings


PVC Edgebanding:
0.5 mm
1 mm
(1 3/4″) 1 mm

Texture: Aura

A natural wood veneer finish, Aura has a low lustre polish and complex woodgrain that mimics real wood. The soft touch is perfect for horizontal application in office furniture. It is greatly appreciated for its versatility and never ceases to amaze designers and architects for many years.

NEXGEN Shaker Doors

  • Mitre (ML4459) and Cope and Stick (CL4459) Profiles Available
  • Economical and durable alternative to wood with an impressive selection of colors and finish options
  • Colors and finished of NEXGEN laminates make it nearly impossible to differentiate from real wood.
  • Perfectly resembles a wood door with perpendicular grain direction stile and rail construction
  • High heat and scratch resistant.
  • The surface of NEXGEN laminates may be cleaned with a damp cloth, ordinary soap, and water, or, if considered necessary, with a general-purpose household cleaner.
  • Color remains consistent year after year.